Boise State University

Welcome to my MET Portfolio!

Eric A. Silva

Hello, and welcome to my portfolio for my Masters in Educational Technology at Boise State University. My name is Eric Silva, and I currently work as an Instructional Designer at The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. In this portfolio you will find assignments completed throughout my program of study. Please use the links in the top navigation to view my artifacts, rationale paper, reflection paper, and video overviews of the AECT standards.

Portfolio Organization

  • AECT Standards – Shows the alignment between the AECT Standards and assignments completed during the program.
  • Rationale Paper – Describes how each artifact shows the competency of each AECT standard.
  • Reflection Paper – Discusses lessons learned as it relates to professional practice and research.
  • Videos – Summarizes the five AECT Standards and shows examples of how my artifacts demonstrate each standard.